Black Desert Crystal DB

A small database for crystals, most other databases lack sort functions. You are able to sort crystals by rarity and socket slot

Enjoy, Fisherino - Croxus EU

To do list

- Filter crystals by effects such as crit/atk sp

11th April - 2016

- You can now filter crystals that is currently in EU/NA (Default)(A chance that a few could be missing)

8th April - 2016

- You can now copy the name of a crystal to the clipboard

- Sorted crystals by Socket Slot.

- Crystals with "Any Socket" are now showing on every slot

7th April - 2016

- Added shattering chance

- You can now browse secondary crystals

- A small colored box as rarity added infront of a crystal's name

- Added a changelog

- Site is published


Please, don't hesitate if you have any feedback to send. If you find any missing crystals or typos just give me a heads up! NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

Other projects

I've some other projects currently in development, BDO takes up a lot of time :(

- Click on this icon to copy crystal name.

Name Item Effect Shattering% Socket Rarity